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Established now for 22 year, this successful and popular brand has become the cultural heart of the island’s Russian community. Every issue features the latest Cyprus news, local articles and interviews, over 1000 classified adverts and Russian TV program schedules. The newspaper can be found in almost any kiosk and in all Russian stores and shops. It is also published online ( to serve Russians outside Cyprus. The newspaper comes out twice per month. 4000 copies every issue. Russian portal offers all news and information with daily updates about Cyprus online. It is the source of information for other websites and news feeds. With more than 65,000 page views per month, it’s respected as a serious tool to promote news, events and local businesses. The website features photos and video galleries. There are special features on Cyprus history, Culture where visitors can find useful and practical information about Cyprus.



Successful Business Magazine


Launched in 2011, this is the only Russian business magazine in Cyprus to deliver a detailed assessment of the Cyprus economy to Russian-speaking It offers analytics, statistics and leading experts opinion and forecasts. The magazine reviews are used by Russian news agencies and International corporate analysts and departments to create a full picture of business in Cyprus. It is invaluable for anyone who wants to approach the Russian business community in Cyprus or abroad. 4 times a year(January, April, July ,October) 3000 copies. Delivered to over 1.100 Russian CEOs and directors in Cyprus. Distribution during Russian business events. daily business news. This is the website of Successful Business Magazine. It is updated several times a day with Cyprus business news and events. Placing a banner or article here, you can be sure that it will be read by a business professional. The website publishes only business news and articles and assumes that site visitors are business focused.



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VESTNIK KIPRA Group is featured on more than 10 different social media network sites in Russian, English and Greek, highlighting our newspaper, magazines and events. Our main Facebook page (Vestnik Kipra) has over 11.000 readers. Our main page in Odnoklassniki (Russian social network), has about 2000 members.





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